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to establish that she has the winters poll top of the city's jim practical education might come about it is not far away from the northern caucasus and islam insists i omit from that region have been carrying out attacks on the crust recipe is. that's why the organizers of the sixty olympic games of stepping up security if in fact. the surroundings so she had been turned into a high security zone. tens of thousands of soldiers and police are on duty. security cameras are everywhere in the city. tears of a attack on high. i most associate residents had other worries wilberforce and your family you summoned from their vegetable garden and fruit trees. she's unique sub
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tropical climate provides excellent growing conditions but when the city was chosen for the winter games the family had to leave their land just seven hundred square meters was on the side of the olympic park the court. as i we used to harvest five times a year crops like potatoes radishes carrots and beets. some people even planted peanuts and of course we had to come percent to make and when it bought the mall to buy the lot at. the besides him saatchi has changed the black sea resort city of the foot of the caucasus has seen non stop construction since it was nominated to host the winter olympics this despite the region being designated a unesco world natural heritage site environmental activists called and asked the vet says that since planning for the games began hundreds of protecting trees themselves the foray was also open to the mountains nearby to feed
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the olympic construction booms hunger for buildings down. and illegal dumps of sprung up everywhere often containing toxic construction waste. this one in the glory so what's up losses of the greatest danger is yet to come. the rock units like a sponge and everything that ends up in the cloudy but eventually seep into the ground will tackle which leads into the intimate side the ec intensifies the city with its drinking water. it used to beat any team. now unfortunately it's become extremely early that it isn't the patristic opponents things are busy in the quarry. even here border patrol guards keep a close eye on who comes into us the recent attacks in seoul on friday have underlined the activity. these are real threats. at the end of last year two suicide bombers killed more than thirty people there. dangers like
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this are nothing new says human rights activist stat line against kenya. attacks take place on a regular basis in russia. the country's authorities usually assume islamist rebels from the northern caucasus are responsible and respond with violence in kind. but that in turn spawned fresh violence dentist he views the heightened state of alert that a critical eye. the work at a specific none of the changes anything the tennis. as we know they have enough money to buy any policeman may want to the police department is the route through and through it's the tennis channel to get any valid documentation they need to have enough money for that as well as unique as his. at first the residents of such she hoped that the winner alan thinks would provide a stepping stone to a better life. it would be new streets and possibly gas and water connections in every home but now even their wells run
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dry. for those of you. once a week tanker trucks bring clean water for washing cooking and drinking to this village hundred and fifty oven on its top. yes some unseen and his family live here. his role as a brother in law but heavy construction equipment has crushed the cars that run beneath us it's like a sponge absorbs and store water. in april over again and again with these huge machines and the water disappear the hotels for athletes and stands now tell our obedience and to return. carter's lists slopes in cross country skiing trails of income through virgin forest the organizers of the games are concerned about their environmental impact the maid didn't think it was a hit with viewers. that woke me up
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nothing new. i've seen but give it to someone the secret is. he says. a fourth grade students the excess reach the trains and cars between the slopes in the mountains in the stadium on the coast had been built right in the middle of the enchanted valley. precious first winner olympics will soon begin with a river flows into the black sea. surveillance will be tight with cameras and drones and special forces on land and on the water. kind of restricted zone where hundreds of families like the force is used to raise vegetables. for a long time member refused to leave her land. together with neighbors to the government to court and even went on a hunger strike to try to save her home. in the end though the residents lost. and lou but can't produce enough on her own property to sell any of her produce. but at least she's not far from the sea
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first they wanted to resettle us up in the mountains since he didn't want that at all the analysts that they tried to force people to move from the sea up into the mountains tricia has rented rooms to three construction workers that gives her enough to live on for now but she doesn't think tourists will continue to come after the games are over. most she says will stay late for fear of attacks from the nearby contests. when you cook about protecting human rights here and here it intersected protecting your privacy leah fried in the states. most people probably think that axis two hundred c which is also a human right is a given here on the continent. but at the heart of europe in paris basic things are becoming a luxury for an increasing number of people in these times of economic crises and that includes taking a
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stellar time. some mobile than a hundred years so the shops in town. all went to sch as a nanny. once a luxury reserved for the rage nowadays that used by thousands of parisians grateful for awful challah offered free by the medical authorities. when i read up what time people going to the shower. one yet. their lead twenty minutes inside savage is a break in nineteen ten he needs more than just a place to walk soon many of whom my soul. i feel clean and that improves my mood. well everytime i start the day with fresh energy statement on top of the zone and amanda was it hundreds of thousands of people use showers in cities across france. you have
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stumbled badly to ensure a place. plus i have it is not harmful but what we have between three and four hundred visitors a day or people like you and me come to people with jobs. it was a fun filled by many apartments in paris still don't have a shower even in twenty fourteen. it's a disgrace when i'm down. so she leads in the mall mount the district is one of the pupil read people who has an. he recently struck it lucky receiving a subsidized apartment in one of the smartest and his opponents. during. the i don't often searched the net baltimore on the road over there in the corner between the trees. the city. we must use it. what's with the ducks won but only saw one else will go for a long criminal record. choose any small just sees teams clammy since the french capital has
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thousands like it. one of those who want to see if i can sleep right there in the corner do that. i just don't like it don't i can pull it away again in the mornings and the people who can assist us and what god often uses the living area and to do a one day live so far these he wanted his picture uses the kitchen into one. almost remark it's even a tiny apartment like this would grant the seven hundred your ears a month. set a test to safely he can. he uses heating sparingly and save some salt water by using the free signs. many apartments in paris have no time for chow. if the building is old landfill is on tonight to install them in small apartments the month of living space is so great. even that is without challenge and creaky people take what they can get. france has a shortage of nearly a million dwellings
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who are battling the state regional or national authorities the regional authorities. the mayor and the bears are responsible for the land but we have some thirty six thousand mayors in france and decent man. that means we have been each one to build more welfare housing costs and improve the physical level doesn't look good. it's easy a floral sovereignty is to provide free challenge to ensure that every single apartment is fitted with a box frame so the number of people using such facilities has tripled over the past twenty years across from. low and even middle income and as can any team obama tree apartments. such residents as the russell double to meet renewed each group. it's becoming ever smaller the future as this apartment will have three bathrooms and a view of the class to go the price tag. seventy in your we all know that we've
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sold a number of apartments like this recently. they cost thirty thousand euro per square meter and seek his help we have a number of people interested in this one too. south americans and europeans as well. austrians are among the interested parties for example the piano i. she on over now since french president slot when olds drove away several thousand wealthy canadians with his tax the top ten s apartment like these have usually gone to buy us from abroad particularly from the arab world. they pay less than one percent text a year on the love tree apartment local people in the meantime all forced to move to less expensive than eons. even in the areas that are usually cheaper prices are rising and there are actually rising faster than in the expense of aaron's family wanting to buy
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an apartment in paris meets a fortune. you can't pay off an apartment in paris with just a normal salary. i believe that by. setlist three teams make do with something small she enjoys the view he adds but he doesn't spend much time cooped up in his apartment and twenty years old. he meets up with those trends. even in the band jewish. chris and has been a sovereign state for more than twenty years now and it's quite successfully make the political transition from a full minute this offer to west in democracy the country isn't going to use coffee tea or a box craze is still struggling to complete its economic transition. few sixes are properly developed with the big exception of color isn't the adriatic coast is particularly popular. it's not coming and effects
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because craig still wants to produce its own oil and gas off the coast. it's a clear winter's duty on her leash is the adriatic coast. perfect weather for the honorable george don't often watch the waters here are ideal for the marine mammals is just a matter of knowing where to look. their homemade gravy. why is there that like to know that my brain. after a short time scanning the scene response. all this our guards to listen to dolphins and their habitats are seriously under threat the event. i needed that. in the sea. would you do. emily
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lobby but the oil and gas industry. there are three oil refineries and toast for decades. the government wants to go one step further and turn it off shore drilling complete with platforms just off the picturesque coastal. this has been sold or the signboard the northern explore the british norwegian company spectrum is using need to conduct seismic surveys of the adriatic sea bed. in september with what's known as an air gun. dalton specialists have been monitoring the prospecting and are concerned about the effects of the sun class say thanks and a sour the world using the said areas of their guns the producers of hiding and sounds. on the torquay at silence and its effects on the sea floor and they get the information about the structure of the c pillar and that is this information is used by a against an oil companies and i'm trying to stand at having to leave their current to feel their problems. researcher of
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the tyrannical project is convinced the croatian is breaking eu laws by not conducting a study of the environmental impact of the loyal service. now that we enter the european union because the other disney i am indeed in their term obey the commitments. yet each year it's been up to date state level yet to pay more than the three northern explore is heading north the owners don't want to lean on board. choose only one way to get a closer look vessels. new st are known to record the first such aerial footage of the northern explorer it worked. writing in some of the array across the adriatic. sharp little league days. this chip is mapping out where the best oil and gas reserves are issues of the cost almost
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eight million euros. but the project was awarded with all the legal procedure probably in violation of the lofts. surveying company won't say who's paying for it then you they will prolly just economics minister humans continue to be true too. shouldn't it to myself because you know go to concerts and the senate in his thinking is costly the government says the drilling is in croatia's interests. instead it is crucial to get that gun to glue. selling the guests who do this to the show who had achieved. disillusioned because if you had to climb times more gets in the territory then you need it. i have no issue has been battling an economic recession for five years joining the eu in the summer of twenty thirteen is not provided the hoped for. but on the adriatic coast which is dependent on tourism. many
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people feared the oil and gas logs. there appears to choose crew which is best known environmentalist. we meet him along with the latest addition to his family cookie the young deer he nursed back to health after it was his . it says the winners crew wishes economy back to health is not with the rush to drill for oil and gas dalton debates. we don't intend to insult allowed to simply go. so i did us in this and holly's heroes of faith all the people in government no function. you don't you'll get less potent soviet due to couture libertine. campion are ones that careless development of the coastline could cause serious damage. he can be very afraid that the kid who does us. the threat to oil spills in these pristine waters is just one of the dangers. the researchers at the adriatic dalton
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project see there's a more immediate threat. surveying and drilling activities themselves are changing the environment. soon there will be no more dolphins in the area. with each push for oil and to screw wish it could jeopardize its greatest resource. one of the most beautiful coastlines in the gym and training. a's to go to the council presidency of the european union has few days ago and that means that over the next six months grace will officially be at the helm of the year and it will be responsible for projects like the banking union amongst other things it was an easy time for the country that still has massive problems at home the great room and says it's optimistic that economic growth is returning and that unemployment will go down
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the greek prime minister on tony's tomorrow says it expects to his country to city able to cope without financial help from its international partners sunday express meanwhile taken matters into their own hands with little help from brussels. mdm. a call from a great goal the harvesting staff runs along the stitching process the precious places in the steam some flowers the women here work hard all day. but on one of them is complaining. the saffron crocus has given many here in the macedonian plane. in future. some eight hundred farming families form cooperatives which they all benefit. so this is how much all three statements must remain intact. it takes one hundred and fifty thousand flowers to glean one t lol
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except for on unique about usability we don't want to limit the damage it's two o'clock percent in napa. in the head of the whopper to his ascent from farmer who volunteers his time to advise the others on how to get the most of their land or that without which it is as clear i was especially trying so we were able to produce as much of it but the main thing is to retain high quality up a book before the snow to an international success you'll think this makes it go to the young owner of this field used to be a mechanical engineer. now he has a staffer on farmer. some of the women helped with the harvest to earn a little extra income for others it's the only job they have been bigger and fifty year old today and are grateful for the war the enemy the us. her boss treats them like family up until a few years ago their lives were very
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different. but times have changed in grease and salt are making the best nair had to pull my feet for the financial crisis to have a clean shirt. many machines to standing and used because it had to close the business malik okra pieces. just noticed more on that spot on the women have a positive attitude and take everything in stride most of the lot i've just been stung by a detainee. but i always have the screen greets me with that allows me to be using a hand. the only unhappy with the saffron crocus has been grown in this village for more than three hundred years the village's name of the flour and has earned twelve from the spikes. what is offering a fresh source of hope in the crisis. even young people are returning from the cities to work in
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the village what's the purpose is in the war continued. every flower is processed by hand the statements carefully remove. sent from will later be tried. cool and free the bacteria. the exact process is a company secret the bosses neighbor also helps with the staff wrong you were alluding to wasting our money we use to put staff on in our drinking water. but young people today do all kinds of things with it. i'm not that keen on a high shelf life. she's very dense with her hands and works fast the workers in the factory run by the quadrant only road rules of the farmers are allowed to work here the idea is to ensure those who invested projects benefit most from it. one quarter has
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introduced a number of new staff wrong products to market. one of the keys to success. monty is the latest thing organic of course it's become an immediate hit and sells all over europe. ninety per cent of profits made from the center from products goes directly back to the farmers like everyone here is the head chemist and cooperate as his own crocus fields. it's a success story that everyone is glad to be apart of. the head of corporate is grateful for the european union. come and see what they're doing or what's this got us endure it well. we are european project in him. our group was called stone from austria but this is that we won a number of european or north sea. he'll go and we benefited from subsidies to brussels without
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europe. they don't have to post. central has long been prized by top chefs all over the world. he'll run the fastest uses the spices maybe it is creations helping to raise awareness among his bubble reeks of just how precious it is maybe your call their success will encourage other greeks not lose hope. but to believe they can take your future into their own hands what brings this city and its base edition of europe in general from all of us here in brussels. thanks very much for watching the team in the canon of the same time next week if he can begin once full of reports again online. the address is. dw dumpty for what slacks europe in general. some so next time
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because the weekend's bye for now. i mean. during the cdc the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this on some sort of. i don't don't. instead of making students. but it's all been. old. at that. he has
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done in time. we have included percent. it was fun to post the court in vietnam to stomach was going for him notice that some entity and a lot of books albeit a mom to avoidable. it's disgusting go to the severity of the decade. it's a late day some of the animated series but it's because more snow this year. i just need to be each. we did. it is. the two
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she has two huge. i do. this year the day. hang on. you know it's a win on sunday shiites who make it. these i was so dead. he grew what's the story each day excludes any team that works the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content
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partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you at a party happening here so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting and that i can say that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on teammates he acts on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. the new page of history. it was in the region. because breaking news on wednesday. so much either or situation. stocks
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while. good news you you will will will will will. huh eye i do. dynamic

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